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Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council Open Source SIG Wiki


The Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (http://www.masstechleaders.org) established the Open Source Special Interest Group to facilitate a dialog between professionals who are engaged in efforts around the topic of open source.

The SIG's Organizing Committee Members include Dan Bricklin, Software Garden; Paul Cormier, Red Hat; Tom Moran, Black Duck Software; David Patrick, Novell; Joyce Plotkin, Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council; and Bob Zurek, Ascential Software.

To participate in the ongoing activities of the Open Source SIG, e-mail info@masoftware.org with contact information


The SIG maintains a blog at http://oss-sig.softwaregarden.com/blogs/oss-sig which has an RSS feed.

The SIG also maintains this wiki at http://www.softwaregarden.com/cgi-bin/oss-sig/wiki.pl (this is a temporary URL). It is currently only editable by members of the Organizing Committee.

Proprietary Software Company Views On Open Source 06-June-2006

A panel consisting of leading people responsible for Open Source at IBM, Oracle, and Sun had a panel discussion and answered questions. An audio recording was made. See ProprietarySoftwareCompanyViewsJune2006.

Open Source and the Enterprise: Enterprise Adoption 01-Dec-2005

The SIG held a 3 hour meeting to hear from Gartner analyst Nick Gall and representatives from two large local enterprises that use IT, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and Fidelity Investments. Audio recordings were made. See EnterpriseMeetingDec2005.

Meeting With Commonwealth of Massachusetts Officials 16-Sep-2005 About Open Formats

The Council hosted a meeting between software industry people and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Secretary for Administration and Finance and Commonwealth CIO Peter Quinn. An audio recording of the meeting was made. See OpenFormatMeetingSept2005.

Kickoff Meeting 24-Jun-2005

The SIG had a 6 hour "Open Source Summit" as a Kickoff Meeting. There were three sessions with panels and much audience participation, a lunch with a keynote, and an open discussion about what to do next. Audio recordings of much of the event are available.

See the KickoffMeeting.

Upcoming Events


To get involved in the SIG, contact info@masoftware.org

For comments related to this wiki, contact danb at softwaregarden dot com.


The Mass Technology Leadership Council was formed in September 2005 by the combination of the Massachusetts Software Council and the New England Business and Technology Association. This SIG was originally part of the Software Council.

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