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Kickoff Meeting Page

The Kickoff Meeting was on June 24, 2005. There were three panel sessions, a lunch with a keynote, and an hour open discussion.

One purpose of the Open Source Summit was to serve as a basis for further opening the dialog on this very important topic in the software industry. While it was organized as panel discussions, it was expected that all attendees would actively engage in collaborative discussions with those panel members and each other, and, as you'll hear if you listen to the recordings, they did. The event was moderated by Dan Bricklin, President, Software Garden, and Bob Zurek, Vice President, Advanced Technology, Ascential Software (which is now part of IBM). It was sponsored by Ascential Software, and the cost of audio taping was paid for by Novell. Software Garden took care of processing the tapes into audio computer files and uploading them to the Internet.

About the recordings:

To listen to a recording, download it to your computer and play it. To download it, right-click on the appropriate link below, choose "Save Target As..." (or "Save Link As...", or "Download Linked File As...", depending upon your browser), and specify a location on your computer (such as in your "My Music" directory). Use your computer's music player software to listen to the file (on many machines you can just double-click on the filename), or load the file onto an MP3 player (such as the Apple iPod) for listening while you walk, exercise, etc.

If you have "podcast catching" software, like iPodder, the new (4.9) Apple iTunes, etc., you can subscribe to the RSS feed for the recordings which is at .

If you tell other people about this file, send them to this page or the corresponding post on the [SIG blog] and not directly to the URL of the MP3 file since it may be moved in the future. If you think you will send lots of people to download it (like more than 1,000) we'd appreciate it if you'd mirror the MP3 file somewhere else, too, and link there (but let us know about it).

Session 1: Open Source Licensing

The first session was on Open Source licensing. The panelists were two lawyers, Ira Heffan from Goodwin Procter and Karen Copenhaver of Black Duck Software (and previously of Testa Hurwitz, Brown & Bain, and IBM).

[Slides Session 1] (in PDF). Note: Not all slides were covered during the session.
[MP3 Recording Session 1] (1:08:19, 31MB)

Session 2: Open Source Business Models and Strategies

The second session discussed business models and strategies. The panelists were Douglas Heintzman of IBM, Al Campa of Jaspersoft, Robert "R0ML" Lefkowitz of Optaros, Eric Newcomer of Iona, and Nick Carr of Red Hat.

[MP3 Recording Session 2] (58:57, 27MB)

Session 3: Open Source Technical Discussion

The third session was mainly a wonderful presentation by Nat Friedman, VP Engineering and Collaboration, Novell, and Miguel de Icaza, VP Engineering, Mono Project and Ximian Co-Founder. They talked about how to create and run a successful Open Source project, with some very specific examples from ones Nat and Miguel are each involved in right now.

There is a short part missing when the tape was turned over during recording at about 11:35. Nat fills in what he said there (which is important) on his blog:

[Slides Session 3] (in PDF, 1MB).
[Slides Session 3] (in Powerpoint format, 1MB).
[Slides Session 3] (in Open Office format, 1MB).

[MP3 Recording Session 3] (53:18, 24MB)

Luncheon Keynote: Marc Fleury

There was a bagged lunch and an hour keynote (with lots of discussion) by JBoss Group Chairman and CEO Marc Fleury.

[Slides Keynote] (in PDF, 1.8MB).
[Slides Keynote] (in Powerpoint format, 1MB).

[MP3 Recording Keynote] (1:01:18, 28MB)

Afternoon Session: What Did We Miss? What Next?

The last session was an open discussion about whatever people wanted to talk about, followed by a discussion of where to go next with this SIG. This wiki is a result of what was asked for there.

Coverage of the Event

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