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Open Source and the Enterprise: Enterprise Adoption meeting page

The SIG held a meeting December 1, 2005, at PTC's Visitor Center. The meeting had two parts. The first was a presentation by Nicholas Gall, VP and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner Research. He talked about OSS, the current state, and trends. It was a preview of a talk to be given at Gartner's Summit the following week. The second part covered user experiences, with presentations by Julie Atkins, Director of IT Operations and Info Security of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, and Michael Askew and Charles Pickelhaupt of Fidelity Investments' Center for Applied Technology. In both cases there were very lively give and take with the 30-40 people in the audience.

The two parts were recorded. They are presented here so others who missed the meeting can listen.

About the recordings:

To listen to a recording, download it to your computer and play it. To download it, right-click on the appropriate link below, choose "Save Target As..." (or "Save Link As...", or "Download Linked File As...", depending upon your browser), and specify a location on your computer (such as in your "My Music" directory). Use your computer's music player software to listen to the file (on many machines you can just double-click on the filename), or load the file onto an MP3 player (such as the Apple iPod) for listening while you walk, exercise, etc.

If you have "podcast catching" software, like iPodder, the new (4.9) Apple iTunes, etc., you can subscribe to the RSS feed for the recordings which is at http://www.peapodcast.com/msc-oss-sig/msc-oss-sig.xml .

If you tell other people about this file, send them to this page or the corresponding post on the [SIG blog] and not directly to the URL of the MP3 file since it may be moved in the future. If you think you will send lots of people to download it (like more than 5,000) we'd appreciate it if you'd mirror the MP3 file somewhere else, too, and link there (but let us know about it).

Session 1: Nick Gall, Gartner

[MP3 Recording Session 1] (1:14:46, 34.2MB)

Session 2: The User Experience

[MP3 Recording Session 2] (1:06:06, 30MB)

Coverage of the Event

Paul Gillin's blog: http://www.gillin.com/2005/12/open-source-in-enterprise.html

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