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Open Format Meeting September 2005

On Friday, September 16, 2005, a meeting was held by the Mass Technology Leadership Council (an organization formed by a combination of the Massachusetts Software Council and the New England Business and Technology Association). The purpose of the meeting was to give feedback to the State of Massachusetts government on the latest draft iteration of their Enterprise Technical Reference Model, specifically the section on document formats.

In attendance were Massachusetts Secretary of Administration and Finance Eric Kriss and CIO of the Commonwealth Peter Quinn, as well as representatives from a wide variety of Council member software companies.

The meeting was recorded in its entirety by the Council, with no requested deletions. The MP3 version of the recording is 53.2MB in size and has a duration of 1:56:16.

The moderator was Daniel Bricklin of Software Garden.

To listen to the recording, save the following file (right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As...", "Save Link As...", "Download Linked File", etc., depending upon your browser) and play it with an MP3 player: [MTLC-MAOpenFormats-2005-09-16.mp3] (Note: This location is subject to change. Give people the URL of this page if you want to tell them about it.)

For completeness, and to respond to some requests, I also have an Ogg Vorbis format version. (Unfortunately, I added this later and derived it from the MP3 and not from the original recording as it should have been.) It is at: [MTLC-MAOpenFormats-2005-09-16.ogg] (The same notes apply to this as the MP3 one.)

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