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What to bring to summer camp
A list of items to bring to summer camp for the 2004 season
1 Backpack A day pack for hiking and overnights. The tiny ones are not acceptable. This should be big enough to hold a raincoat and a change of clothes.
2 Bathing suit Two.
3 Duffle bag To hold everything you bring up. No more than 36". No roller wheels!
4 Flashlight For use at night to find the bathroom, read, etc.
5 Hat To protect from the sun. Baseball hats are acceptable.
6 Hiking boots Given how fast children grow, do not spend too lavishly here.
7 Long pants At least 2 pair. One for hiking and other day to day use, and another for dress up.
8 No: Hairdryers Electric hairdryers are not allowed. There are no appropriate electrical outlets in the bunks.
9 No: Personal electronics Electronic games, CD and MP3 players, cell phones, etc., are not allowed. This is a rustic camp.
10 No: Radios & TVs Radios and televisions are not allowed.
11 Pillow For use in the bunk.
12 Rain jacket One for use in the summer is recommended. A poncho is acceptable.
13 Shirts One dress up short sleeve and one dress up long sleeve. Also, one day to day one for colder days and nights (flannel is good).
14 Shorts At least 1 pair for day to day use.
15 Skirt For girls, a skirt for dress up is optional.
16 Sleeping bag Most bags are acceptable. They need only be good down to 40 degrees.
17 T-shirt Five. For day to day use. Shirts with camp logos are available for purchase.
18 Tennis or running shoes For day to day use.
19 Towels 2 large towels and 2 small towels
20 Water canteen A small one for use on day hikes.
Updated: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 13:47:40 GMT
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