Here's what's new in wikiCalc Beta release 0.91:

In addition to all the new features added in Alpha Version 0.3 and Alpha Version 0.2, there are many new features in Alpha 0.91. The new version is upwards compatible with the last, but is not downwards compatible -- once you upgrade do not use the old program to edit new data files.

Overall this version should feel similar to the last version, but much more complete. The most obvious change is that the "Cells" tab has been renamed the "Edit" tab. Details about some of the new features and functions can be found in the help on the appropriate screen when running.

Here is a list of the main changes:
  • Added Table Sort command to the Range commands on the Edit tab
  • Added {{editthispagehtml}} to the HTML templates. If the URL for Editing is set for a site, HTML for an "Edit This Page" link will be inserted.
  • Better cookie support (lasts for session or 6 months depending upon setting)
  • Updated Preview tab includes subtab with comments and view on web
  • Added View On Web buttons to Page tab
  • Many more things stored in data file including log of edits and information about which backup file this file is based upon
  • Implemented Tools Backups command: List All, List One, Details. See help file there for details.
  • Old backups can now be deleted depending upon site setting
  • Added RSS feeds and new siteinfo fields
  • Added "All Sites" to user admin
  • Now checks for admin and username/site allowed in more places
  • Changed formula % operator from modulo to postfix percent
  • Now have number and text sub-types, such as date, time, logical, HTML, etc.
  • Sheet save type changed to 1.2. Uses new formats, upward compatible.
  • Added lots of number and text cell formats
  • Added to move functions into their own module and set style for implementing them
  • Implemented comparison operators and IF function, logical display
  • Implemented pagename!coord to reference last calculated value on other pages
  • wiki-text now has coord and pagename!coord
  • A few more functions, including ABS, SIN, COS, etc.
  • Many bugs fixed

For more detailed information on using the special wikiCalc functions wkcTEXT, wkcHTML, and wkcHTTP, the program, and the runtime recalculation program, see "The new functions and runtime recalc in 0.3"

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