wikiCalc Bug List

Here are some of the known issues with the Beta Test version of wikiCalc. It is by no means a full list. Remember that this is still a test version of the product and surely has many bugs. Backup your data appropriately.

New issues will be added at the top.
Issue Name Description Status
cssc-special-cases The Cell CSS Class setting is output incorrectly in a variety of places. It has an "s" as a prefix in some cases and in some embedding cases is not put in the output. Fixed in 0.97
load-0-ntvf Loading the clipboard from another sheet that has a new numeric format of "0" lost that setting for cells. (A common Perl-related coding mistake...) A related bug is that the numeric format of "0" was not being saved as the global default numeric format. (Setting "0" individually -- the format that looks like "1234" -- has been working correctly and was coded appropriately apparently.) Fixed in 0.97
line-if-nl The line-if HTML template commands delete the line break when the tested condition is false. If multiple line-if commands are on one line this can cause extra lines to be inappropriately deleted. This happens with the standard templates if editurl is not provided, which will inappropriately delete the </span> in the footer. Fixed in 0.97
edit-27-col The editing code often has problems when moving the cursor into rows AA and above. There is a bug in the Javascript code. (WKCjs.txt line 66 should have colhigh not collow.) It is best not to edit or format cells in columns AA and above until this is fixed. Fixed in 0.97
copy-no-log Copying a page does not add an entry to the log about the copying. It just starts off where it was last edited without a new log. Fixed in 0.97
no-mod-author Publishing a page after opening it for edit but not modifying it does not change the author attribution Fixed in 0.97
login-etpurl The resume URL from Edit This Page is not saved across a login. Fixed in 0.97
cgi-lost-cookie Running with and wikicalcmodperl.cgi with a login that is supposed to only be saved for the browser session (as opposed to even after browser quit) may actually not save the cookie information at all. This makes it forget login information. This is mostly a problem for Live View and Edit This Page -- direct access to wikiCalc also saves that data in form fields. Fixed in 0.97
clipboard-constant Values that are entered in the special forms that are converted to numbers (like 3%, 1/2/2006) and stored as "constants" with value and editing representation (not as part of a formula) are not loaded correctly when a saved file is read in for edit. This only applies to such value stored on the clipboard. Fixed in 0.96
utf-8-handling Characters outside of the 96 ASCII ones may have issues. Currencies other than US dollars are not handled. Date/time and thousands separator variations are not implemented yet. Fixed in 0.95
publish-wrong There were cases where publishing from the Page tab of the page you were not editing published the editing page over it instead. This was fixed in the releases after June 9 2am. A retrieved backup would recover the prior version correctly so only the last edits were lost. Fixed in 0.91
backup-slow-list The Tools Backups command can be very slow when it has to go to the server for information when running locally on your PC and the published files are not also resident on your PC. Open 2006-06-08
csv-newlines Importing and exporting csv files may not handle embedded new lines correctly Open 2006-06-08
ftp-timeouts If an FTP operation times out, it can sometimes crash wikiCalc Open 2006-06-08
reload-reset If you press the Reload button on the Page tab when you are not connected to a remote server, the status of the pages may be wiped out until you connect. If you are editing off-line, do not press this button nor attempt to publish. Open 2006-02-23
ins-col-width Inserting or deleting a column does not appropriately update column widths -- they are left unmodified and not inserted/deleted. You have to manually do the effect by changing column widths explicitly until this is fixed. Fixed in 0.3
edit-this-page1 There are a variety of problems with the Edit This Page code. Wait for the next release to try this feature. When working, you should be able to click on an "Edit This Page" link in the HTML results of a published page and be taken right into the wikiCalc editing system editing that page (with a login prompt, if necessary). Fixed in 0.91
registered-sites You can set a list of registered sites that should restrict the sites a logged in user may edit. The list is remembered but it is ignored on editing. Fixed in 0.91
firefox-mixup In some cases, Firefox seems to get confused when rendering the sheet while editing certain cells. Selecting the same cells in IE or Opera do not seem to have the same problem. Perhaps the HTML is bad. Hopefully better or fixed in 0.3
merge-extend When you merge cells and the merge includes a cell beyond the current limits of the sheet (a couple columns and several rows are always shown) the sheet limit is not updated so the merge may not work right. Fixed in 0.2
browser-text-cursor On the Cells tab when using IE (and Opera and Safari) the typing text cursor is not positioned at the end of the field as you would hope. Firefox works fine. This problem makes editing clunky when using those browsers as you constantly have to move the cursor to the end of a field especially when using the formula short-cut of clicking on a cell to enter its address. Fixed in 0.2
cells-autocomplete The browser-provided autocomplete dropdown on the value entry field of the Cells tab covers the buttons and perhaps help text below. Autocomplete should be off for that field. Fixed in 0.2
too-far-delete If you delete rows or columns past the current extent of the sheet (i.e. blank cells past the cells with actual data and/or explicit cell-level formatting) sometimes extent of the sheet was made smaller so that the last existing rows or columns were deleted in the saved data instead of just the blank phantom rows. This would not be noticed until a subsequent redisplay of the data was reloaded from that saved data (usually one or two clicks later). Fixed in 0.2
blank-cell-erase Blanking out the contents of a cell removes formatting too. Work-around for now: Use Edit Erase with Values and Formulas selected. Fixed in 0.2
space-is-zero A cell with just a space character is sometimes treated (and displayed) as a zero. Fixed in 0.2
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