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Frequently Asked Questions
This page lists some of the most frequently asked questions about the wikiCalc system.

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This website is new and incorporates the most frequently asked questions during the beta testing period into the main documentation so there are not many questions here yet. As we get more experience with questions that need listing here, we will add them.

How do I get "live" pages that recalculate when viewed, like in the screencast demo?
Use the "Live View" feature. See Details About Live View. For more information about the functions that were used to get stock quotes and produce a graph, see Details about wkcHTTP and
How do I get those "Edit This Page" links, like in the screencast demo?
Where else can I get help?
There is a list of some of the web pages with documentation and support for wikiCalc on the wikiCalc home page. The product itself has quite a bit of documentation on the pages needing input and on the Help screens. The Help Text is available here online on the Help Pages page.

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