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Amoni Family Shiva
This is the shiva for Yossi Amoni, father of our member Ploni ben Amoni. It will be held at the Poloni house, 330 Homer Street, Newton Centre, MA (Map). Please note: You need to enter through the door on the side by the driveway.

For any questions, please contact Elana (617-555-0613).
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Description / Attendees Counts
Mon PM 7:30 PM Evening Minyan Monday March 12th
Aaron Amram, Barak Abinoam, Caleb Yefuneh, Eli Cohen, Joshua Nun, Simon and Ben Isaacs
7 Attending
Tue AM 7:00 AM Morning Minyan Tuesday March 13th
Barak Abinoam, David King, Noah Arcstein
3 Attending
Tue PM 5:20 PM Mincha/Ma'ariv Minyan Tuesday March 13th
Asher, Gad, Levi, and Benjamin Jacobs, Reuven Jacobs
5 Attending
Wed AM 7:00 AM Morning Minyan Wednesday March 14th
David King, Noah Arcstein
2 Attending
Wed PM 5:20 PM Mincha/Ma'ariv Minyan Wednesday March 14th
Judah Jacobs
1 Attending
Thu AM 6:45 AM Morning Minyan Thursday March 15th
Dan Bricklin, Eli Cohen
2 Attending
Thu PM 5:20 PM Mincha/Ma'ariv Minyan Thursday March 15th
0 Attending
Fri AM 7:00 AM Morning Minyan Friday March 15th
Dan Bricklin
1 Attending
Sat PM Half hour after Shabbat ends Saturday March 16th
0 Attending
Sun AM 8:30 AM Morning Minyan Sunday March 17th
0 Attending
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  Name People Attending
Aaron Amram 1 Mon PM
Asher, Gad, Levi, and Benjamin Jacobs 4 Tue PM
Barak Abinoam 1 Mon PM, Tue AM
Caleb Yefuneh 1 Mon PM
Dan Bricklin 1 Thu AM, Fri AM
David King 1 Tue AM, Wed AM
Eli Cohen 1 Mon PM, Thu AM
Joshua Nun 1 Mon PM
Judah Jacobs 1 Wed PM
Noah Arcstein 1 Tue AM, Wed AM
Reuven Jacobs 1 Tue PM
Simon and Ben Isaacs 2 Mon PM