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Software Garden produces and sponsors a podcast called "Dan Bricklin's Software Licensing Podcast". It includes interviews and other material that should be of interest to lawyers, developers, and business people who need to learn more about topics relating to software licensing and Open Source from others in the field at a deep, practical level. While our training video about copyright law, software licensing, and Open Source is targeted at a viewing audience that needs to learn the basics of the topic, this podcast is aimed at those who are already knowledgeable in the area.


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  • Linda Hamel, General Counsel, Information Technology Division, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, on adopting Open Source for the first time.
  • Joel Spolsky, author, blogger (Joel On Software), Windows developer and co-founder of Fog Creek Software, on keeping track of where code comes from, differences between Windows and Unix, and more.
  • Larry Rosen, well-known lawyer in the Open Source world, author of the book "Open Source Licensing".
  • Marten Mikos, CEO of MySQL (which has a dual-license business model).
  • Tim O'Reilly, computer book publisher on using sample code in his books, piracy, openness, and more.
  • Representatives of Proprietary and Open Source companies, lawyers, managers of large corporate application development projects, venture capitalists (being scheduled).

The podcast is sponsored by Software Garden because the people the podcast should appeal to will probably also be interested in knowing about the training video we sell, "A Developer's Introduction to Copyright and Open Source". The video can serve as a refresher course for developers about what copyright law covers and provide an overview of the variety of software licenses. For corporate lawyers and executives it can be something to show company developers and managers to make sure that they all "get it" about these issues and don't use copied code they shouldn't without telling you first. Why hope all your developers know the right thing to do when you can do something explicit to make sure they understand?

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