Software Garden Services:
Software Garden provides consulting services in:
  • Product Design
  • Web 2.0
  • Open Source and other software Intellectual Property issues
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Technological Innovation
  • Personal computing industry history
We also provide Dan Bricklin as a speaker for various types of events:
  • Speeches to conferences and meetings, including keynotes
  • Participation in panel discussions
  • Either a standard speech or one custom to your situation
See "Dan Bricklin as a speaker" on Dan's website for more information about getting him to speak at your event.

For consulting, we have special expertise in:
  • User interface
  • Open source business models
  • Web 2.0
  • Blogging and personal publishing, including RSS
  • Intellectual property legal issues
  • Innovative new computer applications
The services are provided personally by Dan Bricklin. He is available to:
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions
  • Critique products or strategy
  • Create prototype products from scratch
  • Provide support to a legal team, including expert witness work
  • Be a member of advisory boards
Some of Dan's current and recent consulting includes:
  • Diamond Fellow. Along with Gordon Bell, Alan Kay, John Perry Barlow, and the other Fellows, provides Diamond Management & Technology Consultants' clients with a broad range of perspectives on engagements and interactions throughout the year, including at their Exchange retreats.
  • Advisory Board of (UK) and non-executive director of Cheapflights (USA) Inc.
  • Advisory Board of Symtrend, Inc., a developer and provider of Internet and PDA-based treatment support systems for health care.
  • Board member of Grazr, a provider of products and services related to RSS feeds.
  • Expert witness for litigation, including a patent case in the Eastern District of Texas.
  • Technical resource for legal team.
  • Member of the Massachusetts State Government IT Advisory Board.
Contact us for more information.

About Dan Bricklin
Best known as the inventor of VisiCalc, the first computer spreadsheet as we know them today, and Dan Bricklin's Demo Program, the leading software prototyping product of the MSDOS world, Dan has led the development of innovative software "tools" for over 30 years. Areas have included word processing and other productivity activities, pen computing, and website authoring. He continues to study and experiment with the latest computer technology and brings a wealth of experience and deep technical experience to his work. He has received several patents for his work. He has been a frequent speaker at industry events, has testified in front of a Congressional committee on intellectual property, and is often tapped by the popular press as an industry commentator and pundit.

Dan is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and a trustee of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council. He has maintained a personal website since 1999 where you can read some of his writings and see a more complete biography.

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