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March 14, 2005

This new blog

Welcome to the Software Garden Training Video Blog. I am producing a training video to be sold by Software Garden and I need a place to discuss it in detail as it is being developed. I decided that my normal, personal blog, Dan Bricklin's Log, was not the place for this, and the tools I'm currently using for that blog were not well suited to the task. Therefore I've started this new blog on the Software Garden website and am using Movable Type.

I have mixed feelings about discussing a product I have in development this way, but my experience with blogging is that it is more valuable to seek out and get feedback from others than hiding from potential competitors or scaring off purchasers with something premature or giving them "almost complete" stuff for free.

I've written about this project a bit on my personal blog. I've shown a 90-second demo excerpt to the audience at the Demo conference and gotten some feedback. I have a rough cut of the full video and have started receiving comments from a few alpha testers. Now it's time to go a little wider and get more feedback.

I think the topic of the video, an introduction to copyright law, open source, and the role of lawyers in development, is very important and timely. Too many developers are unaware of the details in these areas. My intended audience consists of corporate developers and my intended purchasers are corporate legal, training, and development groups. I am not aiming this material at independent programmers. I feel that I am an appropriate person to be on the video, given my background as an influential developer and having encountered many aspects of intellectual property law personally.

At this point in the development of the video I want to make sure that I cover the right topics and an appropriate range of viewpoints. Feel free to email comments to "blog" at

Posted by danb at March 14, 2005 05:54 PM